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About The Inventor

Kelly Githens

Associate Broker, Investor
Certified General Appraiser

Kelly grew up in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Oregon State University, he served over nine years in the Army, with duty stations in Georgia, Texas, Panama and Korea, resigning his commission as a Captain in 1985. His introduction to Real Estate came when he got his Real Estate Broker License during a transition period between contracts in Saudi Arabia. Upon his return to the US, he finished his Masters Degree in Business and decided to become an Appraiser, as it matched well with his aspirations to be a Real Estate Investor. Receiving his Appraisal Certification, he learned how to perform comprehensive due diligence and appraise a wide variety of Real Estate asset classes, with emphasis on the Commercial side. His evolution included the transition from Appraiser to Investor to Developer. During this period, he authored two eBooks: “Looking at Real Estate Through the Eyes of an Appraiser” and “How to Value Real Estate in Distant Markets”. The second book has led to his creation of an Investor-oriented Investment Tool, with the Trademarked name of “The Swiss Army Knife of Residential RE Investments”; he has submitted for Trademarks and submitted to the USPTO for a Provisional Patent. In addition to developing the Tool, he has joined Western Equities, a boutique Commercial RE Brokerage, specializing in Apartments and Manufactured Home Parks.